Bill Lewis

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Bill LewisSergeant Bill Lewis II (Retired) has been working and teaching in the law enforcement community for over 33 years. He retired from the Oxnard (CA) Police Department in December 2005 after serving almost 28 years with the agency. During his tenure, he served on SWAT for over 25 years with 18 years assigned as a tactical team leader. Sergeant Lewis began working with police service dogs in 1980 as one of Oxnard PD’s first decoys. He later became a K9 handler for four years and simultaneously served as K9 supervisor and a SWAT supervisor for over eight years. He formally introduced police service dogs into Oxnard PD SWAT operations in 1998 after he "graduated" from SKIDDS Class # 4. He has been teaching SWAT and K9 integration nationally and internationally for over 11 years.

Sergeant Lewis consults with and teaches tactics and liability classes to tactical operators, supervisors, patrol officers, military officers and K9 teams. He is currently a Board member and regional representative for the California Association of Tactical Officers (CATO), an instructor for Tactical Decision Making Under Stress, a California POST-certified evaluator and certifier for K9 teams, and a certifying official for the National Police Canine Association (NPCA). Sergeant Lewis is the owner of "Training and Consulting [TAC] Team" and facilitator for and He also provides expert witness and consulting services for law enforcement Plaintiffs and Defendants for civil and criminal cases independently and through his affiliation with the Round Table Group (since 2008) with clients that include the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. He conducts evaluations and assessments for tactical teams and K9 units as well as provides report reviews and critiques for critical and significant tactical and K9-related incidents.

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