Kevin Baughn

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Kevin BaughnKevin Baughn began training bloodhounds in Oct. of 1999. He worked as a San Jose Police Canine handler with his bloodhound partner “Zack” from 9/00 – 3/06. He has trained in Virginia, Texas, Colorado, and throughout California. Kevin and Zack worked urban cases throughout the Bay Area. Kevin has testified in court on bloodhound cases ranging from stolen cars to homicides. Kevin and Zack have worked with and received letters of commendation from FBI, ATF, and local departments throughout the bay area.

Kevin has worked with handlers from Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, San Mateo Sheriff’s Office, Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, Oakland Police Department, and several more agencies at “Urban Manhunters School” passing along trailing techniques that been proven successful. Kevin also instructs a P.O.S.T. approved course “Using Bloodhounds to search for Missing Persons.”

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