Tactical Tracker Teams Program


This course is designed to teach SWAT teams the fundamental elements of successful long-range, high-risk fugitive manhunt ops.

Our program includes command post operations, tactical tracking K9 team field craft, and support unit applications.

Our cadre is comprised of military and law enforcement trainers with actual field experience in combat K9 operations and law enforcement high-risk fugitive manhunts. We have not simply trained in these techniques we have lived by them.

Georgia K9Tactical Tracker Team


Georgia K9 NTC’s Tactical Tracker Teams Program has been in existence since 1999. We began this program after numerous high-risk K9 trailing/ tracking operations in various parts of the United States. Recognizing that there are inherent risks and advantages to a good trailing dog in these scenarios, we developed a concept that works effectively to minimize operator risk while maximizing the possibility of suspect capture.

This program was no easy task as there were never any real modern law enforcement models to learn from. We teamed up with combat veterans from a very specialized US Army occupational specialty named “Combat Tracker Teams”, (CTT), who had utilized tracking/ trailing dogs to great advantage in the jungles of Viet Nam. We were so impressed with the combat record of these incredible handlers and team members that we used their operations model and gave it a modern law enforcement application. Our CTT veterans are integral elements to our cadre.

Our TTT Program is designed to “train the trainer”. The goal of TTT is for our students to take this high-risk fugitive manhunt model to their respective agencies and develop a program that fits within their respective MOU’s and use of force policies.

Georgia K9 Tactical Tracker Training

TTT Training Program for Law Enforcement and Military

The TTT Crest is a K-9 Paw over Crossed Kukris Swords. The kukris are the famous edged weapons of the world renowned Ghurka warriors who have served in the British armed forces over the last two centuries. The crest symbolizes the warrior’s tenacity and K-9 skill to cut a track or path. The five man silhouette symbolizes the five man K-9 team tactical concept.

Georgia K9 NTC offers Tactical Tracker Training at our facility or off site.

We offer field exercises in an area several thousand acres in size to maximize the quality and intensity of the training. Our five-day Tactical Tracker Seminar features field exercises in actual mock manhunts utilizing tracking trailing dogs to locate “subjects”.

Training Curriculum:

  1. TTT Deployment Scenarios/ 5-man Team Concept
  2. Visual Tracking training and FTX
  3. TTT Formations and tactical movement.
  4. Patrol techniques
  5. Command Post Ops
  6. Sniper & REACT
  7. Land navigation
  8. Counter-ambush
  9. K9 Proximity Alerts
  10. Manhunt Field Training Exercises

Final Test & Certification at the end of the course

**This course is a high-drive program held almost exclusively in the field. Exceptional physical fitness and endurance is a requirement. Students must be prepared for any environmental conditions and very long hours in the field in inclement weather.

Because the nature of our program is related to officer safety, we purposely minimize web site content and photographs.

Sworn law enforcement officers and their administrators:

Our TTT program is currently California POST certified. Please contact our law enforcement TTT trainers for course outline and hourly distribution.

LE Liaison:

We have a secure Web Photo Gallery of actual TTT training of SWAT operators in action.  This gallery is available only to sworn law enforcement officers and US Military.  Please contact us for a username and password and then click on the TTT Photo Gallery Link.