Level 1: Trailing Handler

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1) Scent evidence collection and use

A) The handler is shown a mock crime or search scenario. The handler must correctly identify and collect scent article to start the K-9.

B) The article may be fixed or moveable and must have been handled or touched by the subject.

C) The handler must ensure the article was uncontaminated or take appropriate counter-measures if it was.

D) The handler may use the K-9 in an evidence search mode in order to obtain a scent article.

2) Starting the K-9 on the scent material

A) The K-9 must actively scent from the material by a handler-articulated activity, such as a hand-sweep.

B) The handler must give a search command when the K-9 takes scent.

3) The track/ trail

A) The trail will be on soft surface at least 600 yards with 2 turns and subject hiding and unmoving at the end. The age of the trail will be approximately one hour old.

B) The wind will not be in the K-9’s favor. The subject will be up-wind..

C) Prior to trail commencement, the handler must articulate what the dog does when it finds the correct person.

D) 15 minute time limit for successful trail completion.

This evaluation is designed to effectively evaluate a particular K-9 team’s ability to track or trail a person through scent discrimination practices. The evaluation only tests a K-9 team’s ability to identify and utilize a particular human scent to find that unique individual. The evaluation does not test any other form of K-9 work to include obedience, protection, or area search techniques.



The Tactical Tracker Teams certification program has never been for the masses. It is an exceptional training program for exceptional handlers and dogs. Very few pass our certifications standards. Our process was the first of it’s kind in trailing and has been the basis for many modern certifications for other departments and organizations world wide.

TTTK9 leads the way in professionalism and commitment to the art of trailing and our crest is indicative of our esprit de corps. The Gurkha knives wrapped around the K9 paw represent the use of the trailing dog to “cut” the trail. The knives themselves are a tribute to the US Army Combat Tracker Team veterans and their instructors who helped to establish our tactical training way of life 15 years ago. The positioning of the knives represents the yin and yang balanced philosophy of our style of K9 Handling. The cords on the knives represent the handler bound to the code of honesty in the art of trailing.

The rocker system is new and pays tribute to the devotion to training our handlers must have to pass our standards of testing. Each level has a separate rocker combination:

Level 1-Trailing Handler and Bellatorum Semita or “Warrior Path”

TTT K9 Trailing Handler

Level 2-Trailing Specialist and Ductus Exemplo or “Lead by Example”

TTT K9 Trailing Specialist

Level 3-Trailing Expert and Factis Ut Credam Facis or ” Deeds, Then I believe you”

TTT K9 Trailing Expert
Level 4- Trailing Trainer in Gold with Docendo Discimus or “Learning by Teaching”

TTT K9 Trailing Trainer

The patches are a set of three and will feature velcro backing for easy change on uniforms. Full sets will only be available to past and future K9 handlers who have passed our stringent testing process. All handlers who have passed their certifications in the past will have priority shipping. The TTTK9 crest alone is available to the general public. Rockers are for certification holders only. Please contact me by email if you would like to order.

TTT Crest Certification Set: $15.00
TTT Crest Only: $8.00