Trainer / Germany

Corinna Brauer was born in 1968 and is living with her family, 3 dogs and 2 horses in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany.  She is the owner of her own small crafts company, producing equipment for working horses and K9`s.  Corinna is experienced in training and resocialization of aggressive and fear in dogs and an official foster home, according to the LHundGNRW (German law). Corinna started Mantrailing in 2013 together with K9 partner “Sheila” (R.I.P) and later in with “Cooper“, a Grey German Shepherd. Now in education is Betty a Rhodesian Ridgeback – Shepherd Mix.

In 2017 she became one of the trailing trainers of Mantrailer-Rhein- Ruhr (www.mantrailer-rhein-ruhr.de), a trailing school, where she teaches GAK9 trailing to private handlers and SAR people as well, together with GAK9 trainer Anja Lausberg.  Since April 2017 Corinna is also trainer of the Dogforces Academy ( www.dogforces.de), a company of GAK9 Trainer David-Lee Layata.

Persönliche Daten:

Corinna Brauer

date of birth: 26.01.1968

in Duisburg/ Germany

Hofackerstrasse 17

45478 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Phone: 0049 208 59 31 66

Mobile: 0049 163 75 95 196

[email protected]