GAK9 Licensee

Jeff Hakanson is the owner and director of training for Dogstyle Inc.  He has over 15 years of experience in the industry and has worked with some of the best and most known innovators of our time.

Jeff began his career working for a  local police dog and pet dog trainer, where he learned how to work with dogs of all types and all-purpose. An early lesson for Jeff was to always keep an open mind, and because of that, he is a student for life and spends the better half of every year traveling for hands-on education.  He takes pride in the ability to be well versed in all disciplines, including pet obedience and behavior, competitive obedience, detection/nosework, protection/patrol, service, therapy, tracking and trailing. As well, he consults a large doggy daycare business as to how to safely manage large groups of dogs.

He has worked hard over the years to develop a training system that is balanced and composed of operant and classical conditioning, a system that is reliable and versatile for a dog’s everyday life, on the job, or for a dog that is competing in the sport world.  Jeff’s goal when creating his company was to create a multifaceted place where people with dogs of all different temperaments and needs could have something specifically for them.

Owning three rescue dogs himself, he also dedicated his time and resources working with shelters and is the lead trainer and consultant for Bombshell Bullies Pitbull Rescue.  Jeff believes that training should be about your dog learning to learn and then learning to do, to his best possible ability.  Jeff is a graduate of NePoPo Gold School and a regional licensee for Georgia K9 in Tracking and Trailing.


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