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Alis Dobler



GAK9 is internationally known for teaching tracking and trailing to k9s and k9 handlers. From professional K9 teams in military, law enforcement, and SAR to pet dogs for sport.

Take advantage of our trailing courses to unleash the wolf within and watch your dog use its natural ability to track people in a multitude of environments. If you are looking for something extremely exciting and fun to do with your dog this is a sport with a lot of potential for advancement and certifications for each milestone your team meets.

Who we are

Our trailing school is called K-9 Manhunters and we are currently four instructors teaching trailing on a weekly basis. Our instructors are all working for Law Enforcement agencies and teach Sportraling for private citizens as well as operational trailing for Police K9 handlers. We speak French, German and English.

where to find us

In Switzerland, we are mainly active in the Zurich and Bern area. We offer regular short trailing classes on afternoons and evenings during the week and longer training sessions at weekends.
Furthermore, we regularly organize trailing events over the course of several days. These classes allow the dogs to improve a lot within a short time and focus on some issues the K9 team might have.
Our activities extend all over Europe bringing the GAK9 trailing philosophy to anybody who has an interest in it. 

Alis Dobler is a crime analyst for the Zurich City Police. She started there after graduating from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland with a Master degree in Forensic Sciences. She became a K9 trainer in 2008 and has a background in Schutzhund work and general obedience.

Alis later became involved with trailing with her Bloodhound Cannelle in 2011 and started working with Jeff Schettler in 2012. Since January 2018 she has also been handling her rescue Malinois Kunai who she trains in trailing, detection and canicross. After Cannelle died, young female Malinois Senshi joined the family in summer 2020. Alis has been working with her in trailing, mondioring and canicross.

Alis has been the CEO of her trailing school K-9 Manhunters since 2012 working with private citizens, SAR handlers, and local police departments in the art of Trailing. She is also head instructor of K-9 Search & Rescue Association, a Swiss association with the aim to deploy trailing dogs in cases of missing persons.  Alis is the Georgia K9 NTC European Training Coordinator for all general courses of instruction for law enforcement and SAR training schools. She also supervises the Sportrailing certifications and European Sportrainer courses.

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