Trainer | Germany

My interest in dog-sports started when dachshund lady Paula moved in.
In earlier days we used to have Dachshunds as “typical” companion dogs,
but that wasn’t what I wanted for Paula. Paula was bred for hunting and we
started sport tracking, which seemed appropriate. That was back in 2005.
2013 I learned about mantrailing and was amazed how intuitively Paula knew
what to do without any training. Obviously, my next dog had to be a trailing dog.

2014 Kiwi entered my life as a puppy. We started trailing right away, there was
no grace period. Since then mantrailing is her job and my passion. I am amazed again and again how intuitive dogs are. I love to see how dogs and handlers grow together as teams and how the teams are developing their skills and are getting better and better.

When people tell me: “But Kiwi is a hunting dog!”  This is what I say, “For sure she is! She is hunting men!”  While trailing I can get away from it all, I can be me and I am free, all while having a good time with my friends. Rock on and high five.

Anne-Lena Linnig 
Osterende 3
24837 Ellingstedt 
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www.gak9.sh (in progress)