Ester van Summeren

Trainer / The Netherlands

My dog training path started 7 years ago when my x-shepherd Rodi came into my life. I have been working the police scent program with him including tracking and area search work. 

In 2018 I discovered mantrailing and within a short time, I was addicted. Martine Dietz trained me in GAK9 style and I absolutely love it. I started reading Jeff’s books and did a number of online courses with the tttk9 university.

Within 5 months Rodi and I passed the level I exam. Still love every trail with this dog as well as with my 2 spaniels which I trained according to the GAK9 method from the day they arrived with me.

Working with my own students gives me the opportunity to learn with each and every trail. Every team with their own specialty and its own challenges. Seminars with other trainers will help me become an even better trainer.

There is no greater joy than teaching people the one thing you really enjoy doing over and over again.

Trainer Name: Ester van Summeren

City/area of training:

Helmkruid 30

5684 HN  Best

The Netherlands

Phone: +31639357191

Email: [email protected]