This proposal summarises my dog Gaston who I offering for sale.

I’ve raised Gaston from eight weeks old and carefully selected him based on his genetics and the calibre of his breeder. He has proven time and again to have strong nerves, to be open and social, aggressive when appropriate, and he is proving to be a thorough and stubborn dog when on a track. These qualities are a combination of both his bloodlines and the time I have invested in his development.

I have sold dogs to the Australian Army, Western Australia Police, and to a Wildlife Conservation group that operates in East Gippsland. I understand what is needed by handlers and I’m confident that Gaston will impress, particularly when tracking in suburban terrain.

My dogs are a part of my family from day one until sold, and I care deeply for them. They do quite literally go everywhere with me; hence they’ve spent time in office spaces and in the bush with firearms. They start life in a crate in the bedroom I share with my wife, and we work together to ensure they’re going to integrate well into a handler’s home in the future.

For your consideration,

Jeremy Wikner


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