Trainer / Germany

Glenn-David Poole was born in Sardinia, Ohio on 22 Jan 1947. Graduated from High School in April 1965 and joined the US Army where he spent the next 27 years serving the United States. He is a Veteran of the Vietnam War and served in many different leadership positions throughout his career. He retired from the military in 1992 at the rank of Command Sergeant Major.

After retiring from the service he worked for the Germany Government in the Refugee Center in Aschaffelburg, German and then transferred to the German Police in Wuerzburg where he was on contract with his Mantrailing Dog Maghen until he retired again in 2008. He not only had trailing dogs but Area and Disaster Dogs and was in Turkey in 1999 for both Earthquake Recovery Missions with the Bavarian Red Cross. He has trained Mantrailing Teams all over Europe and is dedicated to keeping the Art of Trailing honest. He is a born again Christian and gives credit for his work to Him who gave him the gift. His motto is “The truth will set you free.”