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Jeremy Wikner is the owner and operator of Ascension Canine Training. He has over six years of experience in the dog training industry and is a veteran of Afghanistan, deploying with the Australian Army in 2010.

Jeremy began his career with working dogs in 2015 when he was introduced to the sport of IPO/IGP and began entering trials with his dogs shortly after. Through his relationships built in the sport world he began to branch into security and police dog training and learnt how to decoy for apprehension dogs.

Jeremy’s time in Army spanning back to 2006, and his foundation in IPO/IGP, has instilled in him a pragmatic and adaptive approach to training dogs to a high standard; striking a balance between achieving operational readiness and taking the most suitable path for the dog to get there. He is well versed in decoy skills and is also a qualified GAK9 Trailing Dog Trainer having completed this course in South Carolina in July 2022, cementing his knowledge of tracking training for real life deployments.

He also raises and sells apprehension and tracking dogs to police agencies, having sold dogs previously to the Australian Army and Western Australia Police, as well as to a wildlife conservation organisation. He is currently a serving Army Reserve Captain based in Canberra, Australia.

Jeremy founded Ascension Canine Training in 2019 to support his growth in the dog training industry. He has worked for his local animal control department handling dangerous dogs. He has decoyed for security, police, and military working dogs. He has also expanded into exposition support with the provision of canine models for equipment being marketed to the working dog community by vendors. He now focusses on running workshops and courses for police and civilians in the art of tracking.

Jeremy owns a Belgian Malinois, Charlie, a failed working dog imported from the Netherlands to Australia and has up to two development dogs in training at any one time. Jeremy has dedicated his recent years of training in learning the art of tracking. He believes it has universal applications to both policing and civilian dogs, and that it is the most inclusive and enjoyable activity handlers can do with their dogs. Jeremy is a regional licensee for Georgia K9 in Tracking and Trailing.

Jeremy Wikner | Owner and Trainer
Ascension Canine Training | GAK9 Australia
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