Konni Kondritz

Trainer / Germany

Since 2004 dogs have played a big role in my life. To keep my Dogo Argentinos physically and mentally busy, nose work proved as the means of choice.

In 2014 my young Dogo bitch Pebbles moved in with us. Because of her strong hunting instinct, I wanted to specialize in Mantrailing.

So, I participated the trailing school from Anja Lausberg and got to know GAK9.
From the start I was fascinated. GAK9 has changed everything for me: The natural born instinct of the dog is focused, that’s the only way I wanted to go further.

Years followed with many instructive workshops and seminars with various GAK9 trainers, which I attended in different places and also hosted in Ammerland (North Germany).

In addition, in 2017 I set up and trained my own private trailing group.
Due to all the training, I passed level 1 and 2 with K9 Pebbles according to the TTT-GAK9 standard.

In Juli 2021 I founded a mantrailing association to train dogs – no matter what breed – as a rescue dog and to offer mantrailing as a sport: SAR Mantrailing Ammerland e.V.

In July 2022, my Petit Bleu de Gascogne moved in with us to strengthen our rescue dog unit. He started trailing at the age of 8.5 weeks according to GAK9 and I has passed with K9 Lumes three sport tests so far: Field Level 1 and 2, Suburban Level 1

Mantrailing has become a great passion for me, and I could never stop it!

And as much as I enjoy trailing, I love to pass on my knowledge to others.
I prefer to train the mantrailing teams with precision, patience and sincere openness.

But I give all of them exactly the time they need to promote individual strengths and work on the challenges.

Because learning never stops 😉

Contact: [email protected]