Sports Trainer / The Netherlands

When I got my first german shepherd I knew I needed to find an activity that suited us both. She was a highly driven, intelligent dog that needed to work. And so we discovered this sport called mantrailing. It was a perfect fit. During trailing I learned to read my dog’s body language and truly rely on her natural instincts. It completely changed my view on dog behaviour. We developed an even stronger connection by working together as equals.

Nowadays working with dogs and their owners is my career. I’m a certified dog behaviourist and mantrailing is my passion. It still amazes me what a dog can accomplish and how much they can benefit from being allowed to do what they are naturally born to do. To me, mantrailing isn’t just a fun activity, it offers much more. It helps a dog build confidence, offers mental stimulation and satisfaction and it can change the relationship between handler and dog. I love being in the position to share my passion with others and be a part of their training journey.

City/area of training: ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant
Website: Click Here