Marta Wrzeszcz

Sports Trainer

My interest in dog training began when a shelter dog, Mila, came into my life. While looking for help in solving her many problems, I found people with whom I could develop my passion and in 2014 I passed the dog trainer course. Since then, I have been constantly developing my competences in the field of training, behavior, mantrailing and sport obedience. I discovered mantrailing in 2013. I started using methods that were available in the country at that moment. After some time I began to notice it’s not the best option. As I continued my journey, I found GAK9 instructors whose methods were exactly what I was missing.

First time I participated in GAK9 workshop was at the beginning of 2019 and since then the GAK9 spirit is present in my training. In
2020, together with my K9 Szaman, we passed the GAK9 lvl1 exam, unfortunately for health reasons I had to stop him from working on trails. In 2021 a German wirehaired pointer Leszy appeared in my life. With him, I continue my private adventure with mantrailing and obedience.

When working with my civilian clients, I value not only sports successes. Many participants of my classes come to Mantrailing training on the recommendation of behaviorists to support the behavioral therapy of their dogs. Training allows the dog to open up, build self-confidence, and even change the relationship between the handler and the dog.

Marta Wrzeszcz
GAK9 Poland
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