Trainer / Switzerland

Alis Dobler is a crime analyst for the Zurich City Police. She was employed with the Zurich Police Dept after graduating from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland with a Master degree in Forensic Sciences. She became a K9 trainer in 2008 and has a background in Schutzhund work and general obedience. Alis later became involved with trailing and currently, works with her bloodhound Cannelle.
Alis is head instructor of K-9 Search & Rescue Association (www.k9-sra.ch), a swiss association with the aim to deploy trailing dogs in cases of missing persons. She also has her own trailing school, K-9 Manhunters (www.k9-manhunters.ch), working with private citizens, SAR handlers, and local police departments in the art of Trailing.
Alis is the Georgia K9 NTC European Training Coordinator for all general courses of instruction for law enforcement and SAR training schools. She is currently Jeff Schettler’s primary apprentice and assists him with schools not only in Europe but the USA as well.
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