Trainer / Germany

Anja Lausberg was born and raised close to Düsseldorf, Germany. Anja started Mantrailing in 2003 as a volunteer Search Dog Handler together with her K9-partner, Nash, a French hound. Nash taught her the truth what a trailing dog is able to do and what not. Actually she has 2 new K9 trailing dogs. She is also experienced in blood tracking, and obedience. Anja is founder of the Trailing school “Mantrailer Rhein-Ruhr” www.mantrailer-rhein-ruhr.de located in the area around Düsseldorf where she is training K9 trailing teams.
Together with 3 more trainers (Corinna Brauer, also GAK9 Trainer, Jenny Nilsson and Anja Pohl) Mantrailer Rhein-Ruhr is able to offer K9 Trailing Training in the same style as Georgia K9 NTC every day in areas around Düsseldorf/Mettmann, Mülheim/Duisburg, Ratingen and Bochum. K9 handlers from across Germany and Europe are attending her training regularly.
Also Mantrailer Rhein-Ruhr is offering GAK9 workshops and seminars in the a.m. locations.