Trainer / Virginia

Christine grew up in West Palm Beach Florida where she started interacting with dogs and other animals at a young age. Volunteering at local shelters and handling stray animals before she was old enough to officially work filled her spare time. Her first job ever was as a Dog Groomer which she held for 15 years while learning and practicing different methods of obedience training. In 2015 she branched out into detection and nose work, starting her down the path to the working dog world. On January 1st, 2020 she joined the Georgia K9 team and studied under Shayne and Jeff Schettler as well as Sinead Imbaro and other GAK9 trainers to complete the trainer’s program in all disciplines. ( Basic, advanced, & elite obedience, behavior modification, puppy preschool, detection, and tracking/trailing.) She earned every certification Georgia K9 offers within her first year, including all 4 levels of trailing certifications with her dog, K9 Valiant. During her time in Edisto SC, she not only participated in but taught handlers courses for SAR, law enforcement, and military. Christine has handled and trained thousands of dogs in 5 different states along the east coast over her 20+ years in the dog training world. As of March 2021, she owns and operates Georgia K9 Virginia.