David has been a US Navy sailor since 1991 and a Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician since 1997.  He has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan six times since 2007 and has extensive experience working on foreign assignments. David began working as a Special Operations Dog Handler, Trainer and then as Kennelmaster with the US Navy SEAL Multi-Purpose Canine Teams in 2009. During that time he worked with Geman Shepards, Dutch Shepards, and Belgian Malinois in Explosive Detection, Apprehension, and Tracking.

In 2000 David Joined the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy Sheriff. He worked numerous assignments in Patrol, Traffic, and Maritime Enforcement until being assigned a Patrol K9 (Trailing) in 2014. In this assignment, he has 22 confirmed finds in his first year with his Bloodhound-Bluetick hound mix, Ellie. K9 Ellie was trained by Canine Training Academy (CTA) and certified by GAK9 at Level 2 Mantrailing and Cadaver Detection.

David’s Qualifications are:

-Military Working Dog Handler                    (Lackland AFB)
-Special Operations Canine Handler          (Adlerhurst Canine)
-Military Working Dog Kennelmaster          (Lackland AFB)
-Trailing Canine Handler                               (GAK9 LVL2)
-Trailing Canine Handler                               (CTA)
-Cadaver Canine Handler                             (GAK9)