Trainer / Switzerland

Henny Martinoni has been involved with dogs for over 15 years.  He has trained and worked with four working dogs: two in search and rescue (area and rubble) and dog sport (agility, dog dance), one multi-purpose patrol dog (biting, explosive detection, trailing) and one dog for bed bug detection.  Henny has been a dog trainer since 2005. He has been an instructor for rescue dogs.
Henny has been a dog trainer since 2005. He has been an instructor for rescue dogs and sport dogs. He was an instructor, certification expert and instructor for basic and follow up training of other dog trainers during 6 years (2009-2015). He has been working for many years with dogs having behavior problems (aggression, anxiety, fears, etc.) and is a certified assistant in behavioral therapy and coach in canine behavior with Dr. Joel Dehasse (Switzerland-Belgium) since 2014.
Since 2015 he has been training a team of bed bug detection dogs following the Swiss laws (www.alphadetection.ch). He’s a member of the scientific counsel of a fondation as a canine expert for the training of prostate cancer detection dogs (team of Swiss and French scientists).
Henny started trailing in 2010 with his first dog to give him a job after his retirement as a working dog. He has been working with Jeff Schettler since 2013 with his patrol K9 Naya and so far has attended many GAK9 seminars working with different instructors. He teaches the GAK9 philosophy in many countries (Switzerland, France, Italy) and to a group of people interested in the dog’s olfactory world and calls the discipline “Sportrailing” – meaning without the aim to go on a real search.
Henny Martinoni
Police Trainer
Geneva (and all of Switzerland)
+41 76 412 15 16
[email protected]