Trainer / Switzerland

Nicole Wenger works as a Prosthetist and Orthotist in Zurich. She served in the Swiss Army as a combat medic. After deployment for a Peace Support Mission in Kosovo “Swisscoy” in 2005, she left the Army and returned to civilian life.

She first started obedience training with her family’s Russian Terrier “Farushka” in 1996. They competed together on several occasions in sports dogs events. Tracking was hereby an essential part of these competitions.

As K9 Tombola’s Double-O-Seven came into her life she needed to find an appropriate work for him as he was very keen on hunting. That’s when she met Alis Dobler and Cony Steidinger in 2014. After lots of fails due to a wrong start in training with another trainer, they started to evolve an push their boundaries. In March 2017 they passed their Level 1 certification according to the GAK9 standards.

She has been teaching her own trailing classes for 2 years in the area of Zug. The participants are civilians who want to practice honest trailing. Her motto is: Lack of talent can be outweighed by hard work.