Trainer / Slovenia

Uroš Gregorčič has been around animals since childhood. He has been working with horses and dogs for many years.  In 2002 he started working with his dog at National rescue group Slovenia. He passed all test with his black lab Jazz, went on a lot of real cases in Slovenia and on a Mission readiness test at IRO.  He was competing at World cup for search and rescue dogs at International rescue dogs organization.

In 2012 he became Search and rescue dog trainer at national organization ERPS.  He was the leader of a  K9 search group for missing persons in capitol city of Slovenia Ljubljana for 5 years.  He has been teaching his own trailing classes from 2015 in the area of Ljubljana. He offers classes, seminar and multiple day trainings for civilans and SAR personnel.

His first GAK9 seminar was with Jeff Schettler and Ben McBroom in Vienna in  … This was the moment he found and fell in love with the only true and honest trailing.  Beside his training role, he is also working on Mantrailing and rubble search with his Belgium malinois Grapa Clever Fox.  He is also cooperating with National search and rescue trailing group as a trainer and leader.

With his wife Kaja, he runs dog training business Fajn pes that covers many aspects of pet training and competition dog sports training.  Upon his trailing school in Ljubljana and after a few years work with GAK9 trainers, Uroš was honored invited to join GAK9 as a trainer.

Trainer Name: Uroš Gregorčič

City/area of training: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +38631338713

Email: [email protected][email protected]

GAK9 Trainer Ranking: Trailing Handler Trainer