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The TTTK9 University Online Testing program for scent specific trailing work is the first of a series of online testing courses for all K9 search disciplines.

TTTK9 University is a program designed to provide assistance and education to new and experience handlers in the various K9 search disciplines. We have taken steps to consolidate training programs into one location based on hard evidence of successful K9 deployment; not simply theory or training.

TTTK9 University is made up of professional K9 handlers in every discipline who have come together to pool and share all of their extensive knowledge in one location. The primary goal of the University is to provide solid training and testing methods that reflect the needs of the public for the K9 Search Arts based on reality. This is not a social event. It is a discipline similar to any serious martial art.

What we do affects the lives of people and our position is only the best K9 work possible will do. We are not many, but we are the best. If you think you have what it takes to make the grade…join us. It may not be fun or pretty but what you get from this journey will be earned through your blood, sweat, and tears and you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you earned your stripes.

The TTTK9 University Online Testing program for K9 work is the first of a series of online testing courses for all K9 disciplines. As this is a new program, it will have difficulties and problems that we must labor through. Please feel free to give us feedback on your personal testing process. 


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GAK9/TTTK9 is proud to offer an exciting new K9 training concept that will truly prove helpful to tracking students who cannot physically make it to our schools. We can provide any aspiring K9 handler with all of the tools necessary to become an effective manhunter through online mentoring.

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